Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
29/07/2016 9V-JSR A320-232 (Jetstar Asia) erdni
29/07/2016 VN-A326 A321-231 (Vietnam Airlines) erdni
28/07/2016 N869FD 777-FS2 (Federal Express (FedEx)) erdni
28/07/2016 VN-A675 A320-214(WL) (VietJetAir) erdni
27/07/2016 LX-TCV 747-4R7F (Cargolux Airlines International) erdni
27/07/2016 TC-JJJ 777-3F2(ER) (Turkish Airlines) erdni
26/07/2016 B-18315 A330-302 (China Airlines) erdni
26/07/2016 B-22611 A321-231(WL) (Transasia Airways) erdni
26/07/2016 B-50016 A320-232(WL) (Tigerair Taiwan) erdni
26/07/2016 B-50016 A320-232(WL) (Tigerair Taiwan) erdni
26/07/2016 N63M Gulfstream G550- (3M Company) erdni
26/07/2016 N26966 787-9 Dreamliner (United Airlines) erdni
25/07/2016 TC-JJY 777-3F2(ER) (Turkish Airlines) erdni
25/07/2016 B-28025 MD-83 (Far Eastern Air Transport) erdni
25/07/2016 B-6216 A319-131 (Air China) erdni
25/07/2016 N26967 787-9 Dreamliner (United Airlines) erdni
25/07/2016 N26967 787-9 Dreamliner (United Airlines) erdni
25/07/2016 B-16727 777-35E(ER) (EVA Airways) erdni
25/07/2016 B-18658 737-8SH(WL) (China Airlines) erdni
25/07/2016 HS-STB 747-441 (Orient Thai Airlines) erdni
11/07/2015 B-LNJ A330-243 (Hong Kong Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 HS-TBE A330-343E (Thai Airways International) drkimdj
11/07/2015 9V-JSK A320-232 (Jetstar Asia) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-18805 A340-313E (China Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-18358 A330-202 (China Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-2007 777-31B(ER) (China Southern Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-5120 737-83N(W) (China Southern Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 HL7702 A330-323X (Korean Air Lines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-18607 737-809(WL) (China Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-18701 747-409F (China Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-18301 A330-302 (China Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 VN-A361 A321-231 (Vietnam Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-1907 737-89P(W) (China Eastern Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 HL7573 777-3B5 (Korean Air Lines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-16701 777-35E(ER) (EVA Airways) drkimdj
11/07/2015 PH-BVF 777-306(ER) (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-HNO 777-367 (Cathay Pacific Airways) drkimdj
11/07/2015 B-1921 737-86N(WL) (China Southern Airlines) drkimdj
08/07/2015 VN-A358 A321-231 (Vietnam Airlines) drkimdj
17/03/2015 HS-STB 747-441 (Orient Thai Airlines) drkimdj
07/09/2013 HL7739 777-28EER (Asiana Airlines) aisman
07/09/2013 B-HNG 777-367 (Cathay Pacific Airways) aisman
07/09/2013 B-16202 A321-211 (EVA Airways) aisman
07/09/2013 B-17911 MD90-30 (Uni Airways) aisman
07/09/2013 B-HLV A330-343E (Cathay Pacific Airways) aisman
07/09/2013 B-16715 777-35EER (EVA Air) aisman
07/09/2013 B-HUG 747-467 (Cathay Pacific) aisman