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Your 2013 Highlights

Admin Posted by nighthawk on 02 January 2014 - 13:58:36
260 posts, 155 aircraft seen at 18 airports. Local Airport: CAX

With 2013 over, it's time to reflect on the previous year and share your highlights - aviation wise that is.

In 2013 I managed to tick off 2 of the destinations from my travel bucket list - Moscow and St Maarten.

I also managed to get on 2 new types - a Do328Jet (Sun Air - MAN-BLL) and an A340 (Iberia MAD-LHR). I also made it on the inagural Virgin (Domestic) flight - MAN-LHR-MAN.

Complete flight listing:

  • Billund - SunAir Do328Jet (New type)
  • Munich/Frankfurt - BA Moscow - BA 744
  • Larnaca - BA 763 New York/St Maarten - BA744 / JetBlue
  • Madrid - BA/Iberia A340 (New Type)
  • Munich - Singapore 77W/BA
  • Virgin (Domestic) Inaugural Flight - MAN-LHR-MAN

But to top them all, I also launched PlaneLogger. :D

Posted by RedZombilie on 02 January 2014 - 17:39:22
2 posts, 1744 aircraft seen at 10 airports. Local Airport: WAW

Hey all, I also achieved two of my many dream-spotter destinations : AMS and LHR ;)Also visitng Radom Air Show and NATO Days in Ostrava were my aims for the previous year. Manged to finally get on a Fokker flight with Austrian which just gave me a nice "classic jet" bonus while heading to the end of the year. My flight listing isn't as big but always : WAW-AMS-WAW Both KLM B737 WAW-STN-WAW Both RYR B738 WAW-VIE-WAW Both AUA F100

And of course at the end, congrats with the page. As I wrote before, great idea and superb work, keep it on! ;)

Posted by jetwashphotos on 02 January 2014 - 20:58:29
165 posts, 25021 aircraft seen at 102 airports. Local Airport: YYZ

Hello. 2013 was not a bad year aviation wise. Here are my highlights:

38 flights including:

  • Two new airlines: Copa Airlines and Flybe
  • JB1793 FLL->NAS NY Jets cs
  • UA4 IAH->LHR Star Alliance cs
  • LX528 GVA->NCE 1st BAe RJ-100 flight
  • Tofino Air C-GFLT DHC-2 YHS->ZNA->YHS My twin daughters 1st DHC-2 Beaver flights

New airports with sightings NCE, GVA, KIN, PTY, MCM, CEQ, IOM


Over 2,700 new aircraft made in 2013.

Aircraft photo highlights:

  • Bombardier CS-100 at YMX
  • Gulfstream G650's at LGB
  • Airbus A380's at LAX
  • All-Blacks and Hobbit cs at LAX

All in all pretty darn good. Only downer was the summer airshow season in Canada.



Posted by tinek6 on 02 January 2014 - 21:20:08
7 posts, 5832 aircraft seen at 58 airports. Local Airport: WAW

Hi, 2013 surely wasn't bad.

18 flights including:

  • my first helicopter ride
  • my first first time Japan
  • first time A332 and A388 (also first time EK)
  • first time C on Long Haul

Spotted both pokemon jets at HND, twice spotting in Vienna, the night opportunities there are simply magnificent. Spotted at a new airport (BRU, HND, NRT).

But most important, I started my glider training. Hope to finish this year.

I would like to congratulate nighthawk on making this page, a really fantastic job!

Posted by rshaw41459 on 02 January 2014 - 22:16:33
20 posts, 50549 aircraft seen at 353 airports. Local Airport: ESH

Outside of the UK, I managed to visit Schiphol, Frankfurt, Antalya, Istanbul, various Swiss airports/airfields, plus Brussels & Luxembourg briefly. Highlight was a short trip to Hong Kong on the BA A380 inaugural flight. On a down note, I was not impressed with the configuration - I thought it was cramped & rather easyJet-ish! I'm not an itinerant complainer & in fact I spent many enjoyable hours during 2013 at various venues. Good luck to everybody in 2014.

Data Editor Posted by BravoCharlie92 on 05 January 2014 - 00:58:29
85 posts, 3321 aircraft seen at 33 airports. Local Airport: MEL

I only had 7 flights in 2013, But 2 of them were on Jetstars first 787 and that was my first time on one, Hopefully this year is better.

Posted by A320FAN on 09 January 2014 - 23:55:54
30 posts, 1026 aircraft seen at 19 airports. Local Airport: FLL

For me it was going to Cleveland for the Airliners International show. I had prepaid for a tour of the control tower @ CLE which was very nice and the controllers were willing to answer questions that we had. As far as the flying: 3 Boeing 737s, however one was a new model for me, and I flew on 1 new airline, with 2 new airports added:

FLL-CLE United Boeing 737-900 (New Airline - United [1st time] and 1st -900 series 737 for me)

CLE-BWI Southwest Boeing 737-300 (1st time transiting through BWI)

BWI-FLL Southwest Boeing 737-300 (2hr 35min turned into 2hrs and 55mins).

This year 2014 I will fly on my 1st Boeing 767-300ER operated by Condor and hopefully my 1st Airbus A330 (a -300 series)operated by Delta

I will add MXP, and FRA as new airports traveled to.

( I tally my flights on these sights: www.flightmemory.com , openflights.org , www.flightdiary.net).

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