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Silver Airways N4XXXJ Tail Numbers

Posted by A320FAN on 23 March 2014 - 11:35:27
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I have a bunch of Silver Airways tail numbers on my list of aircraft registrations spotted, however each time they came up as unknown tail numbers, however the Silver Airways Saabs that are registered and N3XXAG are in the database, what is the difference. I know that XJ was the 2 letter code for Mesaba.

Admin Posted by nighthawk on 24 March 2014 - 11:36:17
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I'm currently trying to implement airline fleet listings, there's a current implementation available that you can try to help you find what you're looking for, but right now it's a bit error prone.

Try Silver Airways Fleet Listing - you may get a few errors trying to access it, and it will probably be quite slow. But if you persevere it will load eventually :D

However, from a quick look in there, i cannot see any aircraft registered XJ, either current or historic. Are you sure these regs are correct?

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Posted by jetwashphotos on 24 March 2014 - 18:08:18
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Here is what I have for Silver Airways. The aircraft with the "1" at line end I have seen in Silver cs.

SF340 for Silver Airways N417XJ Saab 340B 417 A 1

SF340 for Silver Airways N435XJ Saab 340B 435 Stored Bangor, ME, USA S 0

SF340 for Silver Airways N438XJ Saab 340B 438 Stored Bangor, ME, USA S 0

SF340 for Silver Airways N450XJ Saab 340B 450 A 0

SF340 Silver Airways N402XJ Saab 340B 402 A 0

SF340 Silver Airways N411XJ Saab 340B 411 A 1

SF340 Silver Airways N412XJ Saab 340B 412 A 1

SF340 Silver Airways N413XJ Saab 340B 413 A 1

SF340 Silver Airways N414XJ Saab 340B 414 A 1

SF340 Silver Airways N415XJ Saab 340B 415 A 0

SF340 Silver Airways N418XJ Saab 340B 418 A 1

SF340 Silver Airways N420XJ Saab 340B 420 A 0

SF340 Silver Airways N433XJ Saab 340B 433 A 1

SF340 Silver Airways N442XJ Saab 340B 442 A 1


Admin Posted by nighthawk on 25 March 2014 - 21:32:27
260 posts, 155 aircraft seen at 18 airports. Local Airport: CAX

ok, there seems to be some confusion regarding these, hopefully you guys can help clear it up. In the DB I have, all the aircraft were re-registered when they joined Silver Airways, as follows:

402 N402XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N302AG  Silver AW lsd
411 N411XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N356AG  Silver AW
412 N412XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N358AG  Silver AW lsd
413 N413XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N313AG  Silver AW
414 N414XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N303AG  Silver AW slsd
415 N415XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N359AG  Silver AW lsd
417 N417XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N317AG  Silver AW lsd
418 N418XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N304AG  Silver AW slsd
420 N420XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N301AG  Silver AW slsd
425 N425XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N325AG  Silver AW
427 N427XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N327AG  Silver AW
428 N428XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N328AG  Silver AW
430 N430XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N331AG  Silver AW
433 N433XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N353AG  Silver AW
434 N434XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N334AG  Silver AW
435 N435XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N335AG  Silver AW
436 N436XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N336AG  Silver AW lsd
437 N437XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N341AG  Silver AW
438 N438XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N362AG  Silver AW lsd
442 N442XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N352AG  Silver AW
443 N443XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N343AG  Silver AW
444 N444XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N344AG  Silver AW
445 N445XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N351AG  Silver AW
446 N446XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N346AG  Silver AW
447 N447XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N347AG  Silver AW
448 N448XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N348AG  Silver AW
450 N450XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N350AG  Silver AW lsd
451 N451XJ  Northwest-Mesaba AL  became N361AG  Silver AW

The FAA database also shows results for some of the new registrations, and shows the old ones as no longer active.

Posted by jetwashphotos on 09 May 2014 - 13:02:47
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Saw N435XJ at FLL on April 13, 2014. Here is my photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jetwashphotos/14157855693/

I believe that there are still a couple of XJ regs operating for Silver.



Posted by anorak48 on 09 May 2014 - 18:32:35

Here is a list of all current aircraft with c/n and delivery dates.

N301AG 420 Saab 340B Due N420XJ, N302AG 402 Saab 340B 13/11/2013 N402XJ, N303AG 414 Saab 340B 12/06/2013 N414XJ, N304AG 418 Saab 340B 01/09/2013 N418XJ, N325AG 425 Saab 340B 20/12/2013 JU-9907, N327AG 427 Saab 340B 01/03/2012 N427XJ, N328AG 428 Saab 340B 23/01/2014 N428XJ, N331AG 430 Saab 340B 23/01/2014 N430XJ, N334AG 434 Saab 340B 08/08/2012 N434XJ, N336AG 436 Saab 340B 31/12/2013 N436XJ, N341AG 437 Saab 340B 29/02/2012 N437XJ, N343AG 443 Saab 340B 27/09/2012 N443XJ, N344AG 444 Saab 340B 10/04/2012 N444XJ, N346AG 446 Saab 340B 19/07/2012 N446XJ, N347AG 447 Saab 340B 17/01/2013 N447XJ, N348AG 448 Saab 340B 26/07/2012 N448XJ, N350AG 450 Saab 340B 23/01/2014 N450XJ, N351AG 445 Saab 340B 17/05/2012 N445XJ, N353AG 433 Saab 340B Due N433XJ, N356AG 411 Saab 340B 14/11/2013 N411XJ, N361AG 451 Saab 340B 23/01/2014 N451XJ, N362AG 438 Saab 340B 23/01/2014 N438XJ, N412XJ 412 Saab 340B 04/10/2012 SE-B12, N413XJ 413 Saab 340B 20/09/2012 SE-B13, N415XJ 415 Saab 340B 16/11/2012 SE-B15, N417XJ 417 Saab 340B 02/01/2013 SE-B17, N435XJ 435 Saab 340B 12/02/2013 SE-B35, N442XJ 442 Saab 340B 09/09/2012 SE-B42

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