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Aircraft Not found

Posted by simmo747 on 24 August 2014 - 14:19:48
33 posts, 1421 aircraft seen at 18 airports. Local Airport: OXF


I'm still getting used to this ,however what happens when the database doesn't recognise the registrations your putting in.


G-BLHD BAC 1-11 492GM C/N 260 LTN 18-8-1988

G-BNWE BN-2B-2D Islander C/N 2295 LHR 17-7-1988

Do we list them in the forum (as i'm doing now) or just leave them in our sightings and someone else updates them..

Still looks good though..


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Data Editor Posted by BravoCharlie92 on 24 August 2014 - 16:14:20
85 posts, 3321 aircraft seen at 33 airports. Local Airport: MEL

Hi Simmo,

Do you mean when you add them to your sightings they are not in the database? If so we get a list of aircraft added manually and try to add them if we can find the correct info about the aircraft. Sometimes it will connect to your manual entry but sometimes it doesn't.

G-BLHD has been added recently (after you added it as a manual entry) http://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/View?registration=G-BLHD&DeliveryDate=15%2F03%2F1990

I was going to add G-BNWE but cannot find anything for the plane you listed, I'm hoping Anorak48 can find it, if you have a link to another database with it we could use that.

If I have read what you are asking wrong, I am sorry haha.

Posted by anorak48 on 24 August 2014 - 16:26:05

when you enter if a reg and you leave you a space after it. it will come as a blank page the flashing bar has got to be right next to the reg with no gap or it wont find it in the database. nothing I can do about that sorry it even happens to me.

Plus G-BNWE is a 767 operated by BAW. With serial you supplied the aircraft is G-BWNE BN2 Islander and it went to Botswana in 1998 (OA-12 Botswana Defence Force) . that is not in the database yet but it will be (now done)


ps if any else wants help and don't want to post on here I can be reached through facebook account anorak gl but remember if you send me a friend request I will know your personal names and location. on here I don't know that info.

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Posted by simmo747 on 24 August 2014 - 16:56:42
33 posts, 1421 aircraft seen at 18 airports. Local Airport: OXF


Thanks you answered the question

G-BWNE returned this search from G-INFO

Manufacturer:PILATUS BRITTEN-NORMAN LTD Type:BN2B-20 ISLANDER Serial No.:2295 ICAO 24 bit aircraft address:

Popular Name:ISLANDER Generic Name:BN2 Aircraft Class:FIXED-WING LANDPLANE EASA Category:CS-23A: Normal Category Aeroplane Engines (Propellers):2: 2 x LYCOMING IO-540-K1B5 ( HARTZELL HC-C2YK-2CUF/FC8477A-6 )

MTOW:2994kg Total Hours:18 at 31/12/1997 Year Built:1996 Approved Maint. Programme:None CofA / Permit:
Validity Reference: Owner Details


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